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I’m really angry right now and I’m not sure I have a singular good reason to be.

I’m mad about stuff right now too but I’m also getting really urgently upset over stuff that happened a long time ago that I should have (and thought I had!) let go of.

What the fuck, person in college? Why you gotta say that blatantly not-true shit to a room full of people instead of thinking for like two seconds?

What the fuck, person in freaking high school? Why you gotta straight up politically backstab me like that?

What the fuck, person in holy shit elementary school? Why does the genitalia I was born with get to decide which sleepovers I do and do not get to go to?!

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My birth was the only grandchild birth my grandparents on my mom’s side were present for (out of a fair number of cousins), I had a very special connection with both of them because they raised me for a while cuz my parents were too young.
I didn’t cry when I was born.
My grandma, who was already losing her vision, looked into my eyes and declared I was an old soul.
She described my baby blues as being one of the last sights she had a clear memory of.

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It’s the day of the show y’all! Tonight at 10:30pm we begin our attempt to perform 600 PLAYS in 1200 MINUTES during #24HRTML and we celebrate 10 years of our company’s history, 10 years of incredibly talented ensemble members testing their limits before your very eyes, 10 years of adventurous audiences who seek something more out of a theatre experience, 10 years of truth, courage, laughter, sweat, all for you! Join us and we will, like always, welcome you with vim and vigor because we just can’t do this without you. Now get your tix already!

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